Welcome to China Dance School & Theatre

Chinese Dance School and Theatre was initiated and founded by Kaiwen You in 2004 in San Francisco.  Currently, the headquarter of China Dance Theater is in the Richmond District.  The address is 3055 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94121.  The school provides a good venue for children, teenagers and adults who are interested in learning Chinese dance.  The school provides different classes and performance opportunities for each age group.

China Dance School & Theatre is dedicated to the education, study, and performance of the art of Chinese dance. Based in San Francisco, our school°¶s renowned Chinese dance instructors provide educational excellence within a rigorously managed pedagogical context. We have classes of various levels for children (above 6), adolescents, as well as for adults. Our Curriculum includes Chinese Folk Dance, Chinese Ethnic Dance, Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Ballet.

The mission of China Dance School and Theatre is to introduce, educate, and celebrate the rich and colorful heritage of Chinese ethnic and folk dance.  Through this beautiful art form, we hope to contribute to the opening dialog with our younger generation of Chinese Americans as well as gaining mutual respect within our ethnically diverse communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We would also like to share our passion and insight about the Chinese culture through our educational performances and outreach programs.  Finally, we would strive to present the latest trends and developments in the dance world for all the Chinese dance enthusiasts, all in our continuous efforts to showcase, accentuate, improve and nurture the art of Chinese dance and performing arts on in international level.   We welcome all who are interested in learning Chinese dance to contact us for more information or for joining one of our classes!

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